Unique and Amazing Game Called: Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is one of the fantastic and exciting mobile game. The game was designed by Niatic and was published by the Pokémon Company.The game involves the act of capturing creatures (Pokémon) and using them to battle against one another. Its smart design makes this game appealing and unique. It is for Android and IOS devices.

Key features of the game

The game makes use of camera and GPS.Using only the GPS signal and a player’s smartphone camera, it becomes apparent in the way as if the Pokémon creatures are cropping up on streets of the real world.

Pokémon GO

The two devices help the gamer in capturing, battling and training various virtual animals which are known as Pokémon go. These creatures appear on the device screen as through in a real world. The game also has historic sites covered with rustling grass and neighborhoods. These two features make this game adventurous and real.

How to play Pokémon Go

The participants of this game are either called trainers or prayers. When a player or a trainer walks around and explore, he/she may come across rustling grass. Rustling grass signifies the presence of the Pokemon Go hack voor pc.

When the prayer walks closer, he/she triggers the Pokémon to appear. In case he/she taps on them, a Pokémon battle is initiated. Since fighting wild Pokémon for capture requires fast mini-games, the players must ready to use their fingers to flick Pokémon balls based on the screen towards Pokémon.

The Pokémon balls should be directed towards Pokémon which appears to have a focus or colored rings around them. Different colors around the Pokémon have different meaning i.e. a green ring represents an easily captured Pokémon while a yellow ring signifies moderately severe caught Pokémon.

You should note that the smaller the ring becomes,the more the focused throw would be. The real fun of this game comes from heading or walking on the streets to determine what sorts of Pokémon have been lying very low in the rustling grass of the various historic sites or neighborhoods. It is the player’s responsibility to arouse them.

Why play Pokémon Go?

This question can be answered by considering the advantages and benefits of Pokémon Go.These includes:

  1. The presence of tutorial at the begging of the game is very crucial, especially for beginners.
  2. The game is full of fun especially after heading out to the streets.
  3. It is a mobile treasure game with all the basics required in a fantastic game.
  4. One of the most amazing thing about Pokémon Go is that it is free to play.
  5. It is readily available and accessible for all Android and IOS devices.
  6. This game brings the sort of elusive dream of Pokémon to life.
  7. The game not only simulates the travel and adventure themes but also makes players feel part of a colorful community.


The success in Pokémon Go game depends on the experience a player or gamer has. The game only requires calculated strategy, planning, and patience. In case you want a taste of real life game, Pokémon Go is the best option.

How to Become a Better Player in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a great strategy game where you are required to build a village and prosper it by expanding resources and borders. In your quest to develop you may face obstacles from enemies and the village defenses shall have to be strengthened to destroy the marauding hordes.

Now the question is how to become a better player? How to build better strategies? And how get resources for developing defenses?

Well, it is all provided in the game, and you to look closer to see them and understand. As in every strategic game, this one also needs you to be a better strategist, and you can become one by observing certain aspects like gathering information and understanding each aspect of the gameplay.

Clash of Clans

Practice makes one perfect and by playing the game for a few times, you can become an expert strategist. You must fundamentally observe and understand the functions of each object provided in the match by keenly browsing through the tutorial.

It is also important for you to keep the tab on the latest happening in the horizon of hack Clash of Clans. You can do this joining a community forum. These forums provide with substantial information and ideas that you can use to great effect when you play the game.

Forum discussions mostly concentrate on how to enhance gameplay and come up eventually with innovative ideas to strengthen strategies. Another thing that you need to be keen is the news related to Clash of Clans hack sur CoCAstuces.fr gameplay.

By keeping a close watch for Clash of Clans news, you can get updates and tweaks that are introduced periodically. This will enable you to know the latest arsenal you can have and play the game accordingly. By chatting up with the community members and following news updates you can become a better player in a clash of the Clans strategic game.

When you are playing Clash of Clans app, you have to get familiar with the resources. You have to use the gold for making the buildings, the defense material. An important part of the game is hud, which has been discussed herein in detail. You have to wait for a longer time span until you make a right move.

The meter used for building is shown at the top portion of the middle of your gaming screen, It showcases’ the number of builders you have made. It also denotes the number of builders which can be used freely. Every builder usually works on a single project at one point of time.

But a fascinating feature of the game is that you can build the huts only when you have gems. The shielding meter is also found in the match. It shows the time limit in which your current city can become tricky and be attacked by other players when you are playing a multiplayer game.

The shields are usually bought with the help of cheats for Clash of Clans. They are however automatically as and when your enemy places an attack on your new village.

The bar which is showcased on the topmost portion on the left-hand side of your screen helps you in knowing your present level. As and when you build much stuff, and keep on fighting, you are transformed to a higher standard. You are also matched and compared with the other players of the game Clash of Clans.

The so-called “trophy counter helps you to know the number of trophies collected when you are playing matches with multiple players. An arrow appears in the screenshot, and it is an indicator of the achievements you have made. When you make new achievements’, you keep on earning numerous gems as well.